About Us

The University Club of Nashville is a private membership club in the heart of Nashville (on Vanderbilt’s campus) that serves faculty, staff and alumni from accredited institutions of higher learning. Chartered in 1962 to serve Vanderbilt University faculty and staff, the University Club of Nashville offers two categories of membership: Regular Membership to members of the 18 Middle Tennessee institutions of higher learning & Associate Membership to graduates of other accredited institutions.  All members must be of legal drinking age in Tennessee. 


The diversity of members and their interests create an atmosphere of fun, stimulating discussions and camaraderie.  Special features of UCN cited by members include:


  • Comfortable friendly haven in wonderful location
  • Thought provoking programs
  • Cozy intimate lounge
  • Elegant main dining room
  • Outstanding food
  • Convenient complimentary parking
  • Wireless internet access throughout building
  • Enclosed outdoor patio with waterfall  
  • Tasteful meeting rooms for private events
  • Wide variety of events (program speakers , candlelight concerts, sports buffets, wine tasting, art exhibits)
  • Membership in the Association of Colleges & University Clubs and reciprocal privileges with over 70 other clubs in the U.S. and around the world.


The General Manager and administrative team are in charge of the general operations of the University Club of Nashville.  The Board of Directors consisting of twelve volunteers elected by the membership and the Immediate Past President of the Board provides oversight.  Members of the Board of Directors serve four year terms with three members and the Immediate Past President rotating off every year.